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Gum Lifts – Do you have a gummy smile?

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic we see patients who suffer with a gummy smile.  They can feel really self-conscious and will often cover their mouth with their hand as they smile as they feel embarrassed.

This gum irregularity can be rectified by Dr Ruth Parrag, our premier dentist at our Gold Coast dental clinic. Using a specialised laser, Dr Parrag can perform a gum lift ranging from a small gum trim to crown lengthening to help get rid of your gummy smile.

Essentially a gum lift if where excess gum is removed and contoured to reveal more of the natural tooth. Patients often think their teeth are too short when in fact their teeth are perfectly fine, it’s just that the gum is covering more of their teeth than normal.

Using modern laser technology in our dental clinic, the gum lift procedure is much easier, more accurate and much less painful for patients than conventional methods in the removal of excess gum tissue. The patient is left with a smile that now has gum and teeth in proportion.

Although a laser gum lift is dental surgery, it is a quick and non-invasive method.  This procedure significantly reduces bleeding and is virtually painless for the patient and they can expect their gums to heal within days.

By having a gum lift with Dr Parrag at Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast you can achieve a much more attractive and beaming smile and feel confident about smiling at others.

Call our dental clinic today and speak with one of our friendly staff about a gum lift procedure. You will be amazed at the results!

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