Improve Your Self Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Self Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry - Gold Coast

Our smiles are everything. It’s the way we express happiness and contentment. When we have great teeth it’s easy to smile with full confidence, but what if our teeth are not so perfect? Does that mean we should refrain from smiling? Not at all, but there are ways your smile…

Foods and Drinks To Avoid for Healthy, Whiter Teeth

Foods and Drinks To Avoid for Healthy, Whiter Teeth - Gold Coast

Having a dazzling white smile is something that most of us aspire to. Looking after our teeth with regular brushing and flossing certainly helps, as do regular visits to the dentist to have our teeth cleaned, or perhaps even laser whitening. A bright smile fills us with confidence, essentially helping…

Could Your Jaw and Teeth Be Causing Headaches

Could Your Jaw and Teeth Be Causing Headaches - Gold Coast

Did you know that problems with your jaw can cause tension headaches, even migraines? Some people simply refer to this condition as jaw tension, and it is in some ways, but the cause goes deeper than merely saying tension in the jaw is causing headaches. Why is the jaw suffering…

Choose a Dentist Who Actually Cares – Advanced Dental Care Clinic

Choose a Dentist Who Actually Cares - Advanced Dental Care Clinic - Gold Coast

Advanced Dental Care Clinic is located on the northern end of the Gold Coast in Oxenford. We are an experienced team of caring and sympathetic dental professionals. This isn’t just a business to us. We actually do care about every single patient that visits our clinic. This genuine rapport we…

Gum Lifts – Do you have a gummy smile?

Gum Lifts – Do you have a gummy smile - Gold Coast

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic we see patients who suffer with a gummy smile.  They can feel really self-conscious and will often cover their mouth with their hand as they smile as they feel embarrassed. This gum irregularity can be rectified by Dr Ruth Parrag, our premier dentist at our…

Reshaping – it can make such a difference

Reshaping – it can make such a difference - Gold Coast

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your teeth? Do your teeth have ridges or bumps or have they been chipped or cracked? Are some of your teeth not aligned properly which is affecting your bite? If so, there is a quick, easy and painless solution to these problems available to…

The dangers of thumb and finger sucking

logo - Gold Coast

Advanced Dental Care Clinic Gold Coast, are able to treat dental problems that have occurred from children thumb and finger sucking. Although it is a natural instinct for babies to suck when born for nourishment, they may to continue to suck their fingers or thumb into their toddler years as…

Professional whitening

Professional whitening - Gold Coast

Ever looked at the celebrities on the TV and wished for a perfectly white smile like they have? It is achievable at Advanced Dental Care Clinic at Oxenford on the Gold Coast with our professional teeth whitening. Our dental clinic can give you a brighter, whiter smile and we offer…

Root canal treatment. The facts vs fiction.

Root canal treatment. The facts vs fiction - Gold Coast

Advanced Dental Care Clinic offer root canal treatments for our patients at our Oxenford, Gold Coast clinic. Our dental clinic’s premier dentist Dr Ruth Parrag is able to treat patients with care and provide a gentle approach to dentistry whilst maintaining the highest quality practices. Root canal treatment is a…

Health of mother and children during pregnancy

Health of mother and children during pregnancy - Gold Coast

Often when a woman becomes pregnant the focus is on what foods not to eat or what not to drink. These issues are important to pregnant women so as not to cause harm to the baby or herself. A topic Advanced Dental Care Clinic at Oxenford, Gold Coast also advocates…

Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry - Gold Coast

A trip to the dentist can cause a level of anxiety in adults if they have not had a good experience at the dentist in the past. For children, this level of anxiety can be heightened so Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast encourage that children from a…

10 great dental hygiene tips

10 great dental hygiene tips - Gold Coast

Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast see a number of patients needing extensive dental work due to not looking after their teeth properly. You may not know that poor dental care can affect not just your teeth but your overall health! Here, Advanced Dental Care Clinic share some…

Dental care starts from the first tooth

Advance Dental Blog -Gold Coast

Did you know by the time you’re an adult you will have 32 teeth that eventually replace your baby teeth?  It goes without saying good dental care needs to start from the very first tooth to ensure the adult teeth you’re are left with remain in good condition to last…

Why is a laser dentist preferred?

Why is a laser dentist preferred - Gold Coast

Laser dentistry is fast becoming the preferred way to deliver a range dental care services as it is a virtually painless treatment that is highly efficient and provides amazing results. If you are like most of us who feel some level of anxiety when going to the dentist, laser dentistry…

What is the difference between TMD and TMJ?

TMD and TMJ - Gold Coast

Due to the lack of sufficient public knowledge regarding TMD, it is often incorrectly referred to as TMJ, which means temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connect the jaw to the skull. When this joint is in proper alignment with the skull, the result is a well-synchronised muscle action.…

Composite versus amalgam fillings

Over the years our society has grown increasingly aware of the components which make up what we put in our mouths, this includes our fillings. Humans are naturally curious creatures: we all want to know what is happening and why – especially where the individual’s health is involved. For some…

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3 Different methods of replacing missing teeth

3 Different methods of replacing missing teeth - Gold Coast

Have you had the unfortunate experience of losing a tooth? Don’t worry, you are not alone. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the average number of missing teeth for people aged 15–24 is around 2.2 teeth and 11.9 teeth for those aged 65 and over. Find out…

Resolve your gummy smile with laser dentistry

logo - Gold Coast

 Do you feel like your smile shows off a little too much gum? Here at Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford North Gold Coast, we provide Smile Lift treatments to reduce gum visibility. Smile Lifts can reduce excess gum and make your teeth appear longer and more proportionate. What are…

Hello to all our lovely patients.

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As some of you may know, our office will be closing from Friday the 7th of November for two whole weeks and will reopen on the 25. During this time if you would like to make an appointment for when we return, feel free to use the new online booking.…

Are you experiencing a dental emergency?

logo - Gold Coast

Try to relax - Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford provides efficient emergency dental care In a dental emergency it’s important that you receive the care you need as fast as possible. We offer efficient emergency care for our patients to help them get the care they need as soon…

Avoid drills, needles and dental pain

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Are you avoiding visiting the dentist because of the drill, needles and other sometimes painful elements of dentistry? If you answered yes than you can relax, Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford, on the Gold Coast, uses innovative laser technology that have revolutionised our dental treatments. Our dental professionals offer…

Ortho – what? Our guide to braces and neuromuscular orthodontics

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Having misaligned teeth or a bad bite can sometimes make you feel a little self-conscious and may even lead to future health problems. It can seem like a bit of an annoying experience to go through, but if your dentist has suggested you get braces to solve your alignment problems,…

How to look after your child’s teeth

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Children’s dentistry: Paving the way for a lifetime of healthy oral habits At Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we want to help our younger patients get off to a good oral hygiene start and believe that prevention is always better than a cure. As such we are committed to helping parents…

When it comes to maintaining your healthy smile why not talk to Dr Ruth Parrag at Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford?

Our Fotona Lightwalker Dental Laser has revolutionised the way we do dental work; with less invasive and more precise procedures, you can enjoy a more comfortable dental visit.

Laser treatments are the healthier option and we’re not limited by the treatments it can do; we can perform fillings, onlays, root canal treatments, gum disease treatments, gum lifts and crown lengthening to name a few, all using dental lasers.

Laser technology is among the greatest innovations in modern dentistry, and it keeps getting better!! Did you know that with the use of a dental laser, treatments are now faster, more effective and healing times are shorter?

Come and see why Dr Ruth Parrag has earned widespread acclaim for her ability to treat patients with cutting-edge pain-less treatment.

Contact our friendly team at Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford or come and visit and meet our therapy dogs!! Rest assured you are receiving the most precise and effective treatment in the dental industry.

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