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Wisdom teeth are molars that grow at the very back of your jaw. They can grow through on both sides of the upper and lower jaw. Some patients do not have the full set of 4 molars and in other rare cases; patients can have as many as six! The teeth usually erupt when patients are in their early twenties (17-25 years old).

Wisdom teeth removal

If wisdom teeth are fully erupted, they can be removed in a similar manner to any other tooth that may need extraction. However, unfortunately this is often not the case for many patients who need their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth that are impacted may require surgery.

Why can they cause trouble?

Most patients do not have jaws large enough to house the incoming wisdom teeth. This means that often when the teeth are erupting there is nowhere for them to go. The lack of space cause wisdom teeth to remain partially or fully impacted within the gum. In other words only part of the tooth will erupt or none at all.

When this happens further damage will generally occur, affecting the surrounding teeth as well as gums and jaw overall. The most common cause for concern for most patients is pain. Wisdom teeth sit very close the underlying nerve and will often cause a dull ache and even tingling all along the jawline.

If teeth have partially erupted there will be an increased risk of infection and decay as they are extremely difficult to clean, there can often even be irregular holes and flaps in the gums which promote bacteria growth in these areas

Impacted teeth will also have a tendency to lean into neighbouring teeth causing movement and crowding or your smile. This movement and crowding will often undo any previous orthodontic treatment that has occurred which is understandably frustrating for patients.

Is removal the only option?

In rare cases, wisdom teeth will not cause patients any problems and the will not require for them to be removed. However, as you can see there are a multitude of possible problems that can occur which can have long term effects to a patient’s overall mouth.  Having the teeth removed is the only way to ensure the prevention of further damage.

Wisdom teeth removal Gold Coast

If you are experiencing any jaw pain or have noticed your wisdom teeth erupting, call us today or contact us to organise a wisdom teeth removal assessment.

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