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Dr Parrag and the team at Advanced Dental Care Clinic strive to offer the best services possible to patients. Laser Dentistry is considered a highly innovative, effective, and gentle treatment option. It offers a more precise service for general dental treatments and an opportunity to use less anaesthetic as it is virtually pain free.

Waterlase MD Dental Laser combines the energy of water, air and laser to deliver safe, virtually painless procedures on your teeth, mouth and gums. It allows the team at Advanced Dental Care Clinic to offer routine dental procedures with minimal to no use of anaesthetic or drills. If you have feared the drills, needles and numbing associated with the dentist, this service may be for you.

What Can Laser Dentistry Do?

The laser requires no direct contact with your teeth which means it is extremely gentle, minimising pain. Teeth are partially made up of water molecules. When the laser is positioned on the tooth, it excites these molecules to cut through the tooth.

This technology can be used for a variety of dental procedures with little or no bleeding including:

  • Decay removal and cavity preparation
  • Root canals and desensitisation
  • Smile Design and correction, including gum lifts
  • General dentistry and soft tissue procedures
  • Cold sore elimination, immediate pain relief from cold sores and apthous ulcers

Benefits of the Waterlase MD Dental Laser

The Waterlase device is extremely precise, it is able to cut through the tooth and decay precisely as directed by Dr Parrag and the team. This reduces the risk of removing excess healthy enamel or creating cracks or damage in the surrounding teeth. The precise nature means that anaesthetic is rarely required, making the whole process more efficient.

Dr Parrag is trained in the art of Waterlase MD utilisation, and can use this technology to help you recapture your beautiful smile and attain oral health. contact us for more information.

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