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We care for patients from around the Gold Coast. Many people choose to visit us because of our friendly, vibrant atmosphere.

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we care for patients that are looking for a dentist on the Gold Coast. Many people choose to visit us because of our friendly, vibrant atmosphere. Others enjoy our caring, personal treatment. Whatever your reason, you’re welcome to make a time to get to know us.

Our Gold Coast dental clinic is designed to feel like a comfortable healing space. This is because we believe that holistic dentistry can promote wellbeing, confidence, and healthfulness. It starts with a positive health experience.

Step into this welcoming dental clinic. You’ll be seated in our comfortable chairs, where you can relax to the sounds of soothing music. Feel free to ask us for a soft comfy blanket too! During each point in your dentist visit, you’ll be treated with kindness and respect by our friendly Gold Coast dental care team.

In this calming environment, we can assist you with a range of dental care needs. Whether you’re looking for a gentle check-up, or if you have a specific dental care issue, you’re welcome to contact us. We’re here to listen and help.

Our premier dentist, Dr Ruth Parrag, cares about each patient. So, she has developed her dentistry skills to help people with a range of conditions.

With her extensive training, and her passion for the latest dental technology, Dr Parrag is always looking for new ways to bring the best care to her patients.

You can see Dr Parrag for conditions that might typically require a visit to a different clinic. For example, she can provide you with caring orthodontic work, whiten your teeth, or work with you to address headaches or jaw pains.

dentist gold coast

At all times, our focus is on providing a calm, caring space for patients. So, our dental care is designed to be gentle, with minimal stress. You can be assured that your friendly dentist is knowledgeable and focused on providing a pleasant dental care experience.

When you have appropriate dental care, you can experience a range of wellness benefits. You might notice that it’s easier to speak or eat, or you might feel more comfortable. We are always proud to see our patients grow in confidence, too, as their smile is restored and replenished.

Our friendly dental clinic is located in Oxenford, on the Northern Gold Coast. We welcome new patients from around the Gold Coast, and we encourage you to contact us if you’re considering taking that first step in a new stage of your dental care.

Advanced Dental Care Clinic is here to make the process a positive, healing one that brings you meaningful results. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon.