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Maintenance to keep your smile healthy

Good oral hygiene can prevent decay and the harm it causes

How long has it been since your last check up?

We are passionate about educating our patients about dental health. We believe prevention will always be better than a cure and there are some easy ways to maintain good oral hygiene that will prevent decay and disease. The team at Advanced Dental Care Clinic will help you figure out preventive care that is suited to you.

We recommend coming in for a dental check-up at least every 6 months so that we can catch any early signs of problems and fix them before any long term damage occurs. We will also be able to notice any necessary changes to be made to your at home oral hygiene routine and advise you he

Maintaining Oral Hygiene at Home

Brushing and flossing teeth should be a regular part of your home maintenance routine. We recommend brushing and flossing twice a day to help remove any build-up of food and bacteria that naturally occurs throughout the day.

It is important to have a proper technique to ensure you are reaching every part of your teeth. Our helpful staff will be able to give advice and pointers to you or your children to make sure that your technique is as effective as possible. Next time you are visiting the practice, ask us for a demonstration or some helpful literature to read, we are always happy to provide oral hygiene help because it is so important!

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Preventive Care For Children

Are you worried about your child developing decay? Even with brushing and flossing there can still be a risk of developing decay, especially with a diet of sugary or acidic foods.

Advanced Dental Care Clinic offer sealants as a treatment option to safe guard against decay. Sealants offer exceptional benefits to children and adolescents; however, they’re even advantageous for adults. The sealant is applied to the chewing surface of a tooth and is designed to stop decay-causing-bacteria from reaching the pits and fissures of teeth which are typically hard to reach when only brushing and flossing.

Sealants are created from plastic materials that are bonded on to the pits and fissures of affected teeth, acting as a physical barrier for plaque and tartar. Once they are applied, sealants help prevent decay and protect the enamel of teeth, as they remove any hard to reach places and make brushing more effective.

Our Laser Technology

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we use the contemporary innovation of the Diagnodent Dental Laser, which allows for the earliest detection of decay using a laser light. This means we are able to treat decay before it has any adverse effects on teeth and gums. However, it is necessary to have regular check-ups for this to occur.

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To find out more about Sealants or Diagnodent Dental Lasers, contact us today to find out how they can help you with preventive care and achieve optimum oral health.