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Scared of the Dentist?

Make your next dental visit a calm and relaxing one with our caring team here on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Dentist

We use Laser Dentistry which offers painless treatments and faster recovery and healing time.

FastBraces® offer a shorter time frame and more affordable option to correct crooked teeth and create a beautiful smile.

Anyone that is a little nervous about visiting the dentist should experience the comfort that our therapy dogs can provide.

Independent dentists are free from external influences and can ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment options and ongoing care.

Take care of your teeth, mouth, jaw and smile with a relaxed, comfortable experience

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve been putting off visiting the dentist because of your memories of rough, rushed or painful past treatments. Perhaps just the sounds, smells and sights of a dentist’s office make you feel tense. That’s not OK, because the health of your mouth is important to your overall health. And that’s why at Advanced Dental Care Clinic Gold Coast we’ve chosen to be different. We make every one of your visits to a Gold Coast dentist is a pleasant experience.

Our Dental Treatments

Visiting a dentist shouldn’t be just about your teeth and gums. Why? Because to achieve optimum oral health you need healthy functioning jaw muscles, good head and neck posture, a clear airway, a good bite and gum health, and healthy teeth.

To make sure you achieve the best overall health outcomes, at your first appointment our experienced team carry out a comprehensive health check on your jaw, facial muscles, bite, gums and teeth. From here we’ll discuss all your options to help you feel great about your smile and mouth.

We offer a wide range of treatments at our Oxenford Dental Clinic

Including painless treatments and faster recovery time.

Includes teeth whitening, implants, porcelain veneers and full mouth reconstruction.

Including Regular check ups and cleans, fillings and crowns.

Extractions including wisdom teeth and laser gum lifts.

Straighten your teeth in days, not years.

Meet Our Team

Welcome to our dental clinic, where warmth, care, and comfort are at the heart of everything we do. Our unique offering includes the comforting presence of our therapy dogs, Cookie and Marco, ready to provide cuddles for an experience unlike any other.

Our use of Laser Dentistry ensures your treatments are painless, promoting quicker recovery and healing.

We prioritise clear communication, explaining every treatment step for your reassurance. Our holistic approach covers all aspects of oral health, from cosmetic dentistry and Fastbraces® to wisdom teeth removal, children’s dentistry, dental surgery, and general dentistry. With options like numbing gel and laser numbing, we aim to make your dental experience as pain-free as possible.

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