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At Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we give our patients something to smile about! Browse our smile gallery below to see some of our happy patients, showing off their beautiful new smiles.

dentures gold coast Dental Bridges Gold Coast

Porcelain crowns to restore badly broken down teeth

fastbraces fastbraces

A Hollywood Fastbraces® Smile!

Our patient is ecstatic with her lovely straight smile! Such a confidence booster!

fastbraces gold coast fastbraces gold coast

Beautiful Fastbraces® Results!

Some stubborn crooked teeth all straightened now!

rJT-before rJT-after

Fastbraces® Did It Again!

Another happy patient with a lovely straight smile in just 9 months!

09-after 09-before

No More Gummy Smile

Our patient was considering veneers, but after WaterlaseMD gum lift, patient didn’t want veneers and saved money instead!

15-before 15-after

Aesthetic And Functional

Old Amalgam filling was replaced with composite/ white filling.

14-before 14-after

Beautiful And White!

Our patient had all amalgams replaced with composite, then pola whitening and a brand-new porcelain bridge.

13-before 13-after

No More Metal!

Amalgams removed, decay cleaned and a beautiful porcelain bridge.

12-before 12-after

A Straight Full Smile

Fastbraces® for eleven months and WaterlaseMD gum lift.

Dental Bridges Gold Coast Dental Bridges Gold Coast

He’s So Happy!

New composite fillings, reshaping and beautiful crowns.

08-after 08-before

Now I Can Floss!

Old straight wire replaced with zig-zag wires.

06-before 06-after

My Teeth Are Straight Again!

Our patient had years of conventional braces as a teenager. After four months of Fastbraces® and no pain, our patient is happy again.

07-before 07-after

No More Clenching!

Seven months of Fastbraces® and a beautiful result!

05-before 05-after

Fastbraces® Again

Another view showing No Gap.

04-before 04-after

Beautiful Big Teeth

Another lovely result using WaterlaseMD for a gum lift.

03-before 03-after

Fastbraces® Before And After

01-before 01-after

Fastbraces® Before And After

02-before 02-after

Nice And Straight

Fastbraces® with no extractions, next step will be Pola Whitening.

TAA_before-1 01-after-1

Fastbraces® Before And After

Our patient had conventional orthodontics as a teenager. It left them with an open bite. After 6 months of Fastbraces® and some Pola Whitening, they are ecstatic and smiling all day!

Before-Heavy-stain-from-smoking-and-build-up After-Cleaned-whitened-and-quit-smoking

What A Difference!

Before- Heavy stain from smoking and decay.

After- Cleaned, restored and whitened.

Dental Bridges Gold Coast Dental Bridges Gold Coast

Beautiful White Smile!

After years of smoking and neglect, our patient is smiling again after a good clean, fillings, two root canals, two porcelain crowns and Pola Whitening.

New-Zigzag-wire-placed-before New-Zigzag-wire-placed-after

New Zigzag Wire

Patient had a standard straight wire which she found very difficult to clean.  A new Zigzag wire placed which is very easy to maintain good oral hygiene and makes flossing a lot easier.

veneers gold coast porcelain veneers gold coast

Teeth Whitening And New Veneers

Patient Whitened First, Cosmetic Composite Veneers on Centrals.

Neuromuscular-Dentistry-before Neuromuscular-Dentistry-after

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Has been Treated with Neuromuscular dentistry and then had neuromuscular braces to hold her teeth into position.

cosmetic dentistry gold coast cosmetic dentistry gold coast

Cosmetic Dentistry

1-Dental-Bridge-and-Composite-Veneers-before 1-Dental-Bridge-and-Composite-Veneers-after

Dental Bridge and Composite Veneers

Patient unhappy with temporary bridge in lower front as well as crooked upper lateral incisors. New porcelain bridge in lower front composite veneers on upper lateral incisors.

Loose-Tooth-and-Gum-Disease-before Loose-Tooth-and-Gum-Disease-after

Loose Tooth and Gum Disease

Patient unhappy with the loose front tooth and advancing gum disease. Finished intraoral view. Some extractions and restorations, upper and lower partial cast dentures.

Tooth-Replacement-before Tooth-Replacement-after

Tooth Replacement

Patient’s before smile just after front tooth fell out! Finished happy smile.

11-Composite-Filling-before 11-Composite-Filling-after

Composite Fillings

Staining under gum margin of some old porcelain veneers. Simple composite fillings, no need to replace veneers.

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