Smile Lift for Gummy Smiles Gold Coast QLD

Make your smile more proportionate

We offer smile lifts to reduce the amount of visible gum

Do You Have a Gummy Smile?

Gum tissue that extends too far along the tooth can make teeth look short and disproportionate, similar to a child’s smile. Patients with gummy smiles can sometimes be embarrassed or uncomfortable about the way their smile looks but can be unsure of what action to take. At Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we offer a smile lift to patients who may want to reduce the amount of gum showing.

A smile lift will gently remove the excess gum tissue and reveal more of your teeth, giving the appearance of a lifted, more proportionate smile. A smile lift may be beneficial to patients who have gums covering a significant portion of their front teeth, or any teeth the show when smiling. Patients who have a high upper lip when they smile may also benefit from this treatment. There are however some cases where the gummy smile is caused from skeletal malpositioning. In those cases, other treatment options will be offered instead.

If you are unsure whether a smile lift will work for your smile, call us today to organise a consultation. Dr. Parrag works with her patients, as a partnership, to resolve the oral condition whilst enhancing the appearance of your smile. She will consider all options and present you with the best treatment plan for your individual needs. Your treatment plan is individual so Dr Parrag will encourage you to ask any questions or present any concerns, making sure you are comfortable with the procedures and have a thorough understanding of what will happen.

Our Technology

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we offer the latest in dental care technology including laser dentistry. We are able to use these tools for a number of procedures including smile lifts. Smile lift procedures are completed with the Fotona Lightwalker Dental Laser. The Fotona Lightwalker Dental Laser is very gentle and will make your Smile Lift procedure virtually pain-free. Dr Parrag will use the Fotona Lightwalker Dental Laser to gently remove excess gum, revealing more of your teeth from underneath. The results will be instantly visible and photos are taken before and after the procedure so that you can visualise the change.

Dr Parrag and our dental team will make certain every possible step is taken to make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole procedure.

Smile Lifts Gold Coast

We love to work together with our patients to achieve the results they are looking for. To find out more about smile lifts, Fotona Lightwalker Dental lasers or to book an appointment, contact ustoday.

04-before 04-after
Beautiful Big Teeth

Another lovely result using WaterlaseMD for a gum lift.

09-after 09-before
No More Gummy Smile

Our patient was considering veneers, but after WaterlaseMD gum lift, patient didn’t want veneers and saved money instead!