Proud to be an Independent Dentist

'Driven by care not profit'

What is an Independent Dentist?

Independent Dentist Network was established in response to health funds and corporate entities becoming increasingly involved in the management and ownership of dental practices. Independent dentists are free from external influences and can ensure you as a patient receive the most appropriate treatment options and ongoing care for you and your family’s dental health.

An Independent Dentist Guarantees:

  • Quality dentistry
  • Treatment options that are most suitable for you clinically, without any restriction or bias.
  • All choices from a complete range of treatment options available for you to choose.
  • Professional and personalised service uncompromised by commercial or corporate
  • An ongoing relationship that provides continuity of care with the same dentist every
  • Dental care based around your personal needs not rebate structures or profitability
  • Community orientated, working with and supporting our local communities.
  • The cost of care is consistent and not dictated by health funds.

Why choose to visit an Independent Dentist?

Freedom of Choice

Independent Dentists offer freedom of choice in treatment options resulting in the most optimal outcome for you. Treatment decisions reached between you and your dentist are not restricted to, or compromised by, third party clinical direction.

Treatment plans especially for you

Independent Dentist’s treatment plans are based on sound clinical evidence and advice that is uniquely formulated to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Consistency of care

When visiting your Independent Dentist, you will receive a consistent level of professional care from the same dentist every time, a dentist who knows you and your oral health history intimately.

A long- term relationship you can trust

When you visit an Independent Dentist, you visit their own business and livelihood, so rest assured that you will receive the most suitable care and ongoing support from a dentist you can trust.

Local community orientated

You can be confident that your long term oral health will be looked after by an Independent Dentist whose practice is located in your community and who in return invests into that community.

Equality of treatment for all patients

Independent Dentists strive to ensure consistency of treatment and care for all patients irrespective of what a health fund attempts to dictate.