Dental Surgery Gold Coast QLD

Get the treatment you need from the team you trust

Get the treatment you need from the team you trust

We understand that dental surgery can be daunting for some patients. At Advanced Dental Care Clinic we aim to make every treatment as gentle and caring as possible. We will only recommend dental surgery as a last resort, but patients can rest assured that any dental surgery performed at Advanced Dental Care Clinic will be performed with precision and compassion. The Advanced Dental Care Clinic team are trained to perform Dental surgery on the Gold Coast.

While we cannot guarantee every dental treatment will be painless, Dr Parrag and her team are highly trained and able to perform these treatments with a high level of skill, giving each patient the best chance of a pain-free visit.


At Advanced Dental Care Clinic we only believe in extraction as a very last resort. Dr Parrag will always aim to take a conservative approach, trying to save the tooth in all possible cases. In many cases, other treatments such as a root canal can be an option which allows the affected tooth to be saved. However, when a tooth cannot be saved, removal of the tooth may be the only course of treatment.

The team at Advanced Dental Care Clinic understand that losing a tooth can be quite traumatic for patients. Not only does it affect the overall aesthetic appearance of a smile but it will also begin to affect the function as well. After an extraction, Dr Parrag will go through with each patient the viable options for replacing the tooth. Advanced Dental Care Clinic offer patients the option of dental implants, crowns, bridges and dentures to help treat tooth loss. Dr Parrag is a gentle, caring dentist and will ensure you feel relaxed and at ease throughout any treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Often there is not enough room to fit the wisdom teeth within the mouth, causing them to become ‘impacted’. Some of the problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth, include: bacteria and plaque build-up, tumour development, infection and gum disease. As early extraction will help to eliminate further dental problems, we recommend wisdom teeth be removed when these risk factors are present.

Root Canal Treatment

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic we want to help you maintain your natural teeth for life. Years ago, if a tooth became infected it would have been removed. However, through root canal treatment, the nerve of the tooth may be detached; saving the tooth structure and eliminating your pain. Through the process of root canal treatment, we can help you regain your oral and general wellbeing and maintain your natural teeth for life.

Laser Surgery

Laser is our treatment of choice for – increased comfort, effectiveness, reduced post-operative recovery time and results. Laser surgery may be used to treat:

  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease
  • Biopsies
  • Cold sore, apthous ulcer and traumatic ulcer treatment
  • Gum Lifts

It may also be used for ‘drill-free dentistry’

Laser is a gentle, conservative and non-invasive alternative to the old-fashioned non-laser cut and suture method.

Dental Surgery Gold Coast

If you have any queries or concerns regarding any treatment, Dr Parrag and will openly discuss all elements of any procedure with you, contact her today.