Diagnodent Dental Laser Gold Coast QLD

Modern Dentistry Technology

Early detection of decay to ensure efficient treatment

Advanced Dental Care Clinic provides the Diagnodent dental laser as part of our laser dentistry services. Diagnodent is a revolutionary treatment option to detect even the smallest amount of decay. It is highly accurate in diagnosis and requires no impact on teeth that may be painful.

What is Diagnodent For?

Using this technology allows the team at Advanced Dental Care Clinic to target and treat any problems while they are still small. Early detection prevents larger problems from occurring which may require extensive, complex or painful procedures. Some of these procedures include:

  • Preventing cracks appearing in decayed teeth
  • Prevention of future root canal treatment
  • Preventing the need for future porcelain crowns or veneers

While x-ray and other diagnostic techniques are still successful, they do not have the accuracy or ability to detect small areas of decay early on. This is especially true if the cavities occur in the pits or valleys of your teeth. This is because images need to be taken side on where it is difficult to see these areas. X-rays and Diagnodent complement each other in diagnosing and detecting decay. We are proud to offer our patients each of these invaluable technologies.

How Does Diagnodent Work?

The Diagnodent laser tool measures laser fluorescence within your teeth. The tool is set at a specific wavelength so that clean, healthy teeth will exhibit little to no fluorescence. Therefore, unhealthy tooth structure showing signs of decay will exhibit higher levels of fluorescence. The higher the reading the more advanced the decay.

First your teeth will be cleaned to ensure an accurate reading. Your unique teeth structure is then scanned by a laser beam and calibrated by the Diagnodent tool. Then Dr Parrag or one of the team members will gently scan over your teeth. A machine beside the chair emits an audio signal and registers a digital read-out. This will identify any cavities developing below the surface. We will also be able to detect the degree of decay by the amount of fluorescence detected. The whole process will only take a few minutes.

The Diagnodent device can be used on baby or adult teeth so it is an extremely helpful tool in family dentistry. Children often have trouble maintaining healthy cleaning habits without help so decay can occur even in young patients.

Diagnodent Dental Laser Gold Coast

Advanced Dental Care Clinic are specialise in Diagnodent Dental Laser Gold Coast. Through the utilisation of the Diagnodent Dental Laser, Dr Parrag will help you achieve oral wellbeing and help you maintain your natural teeth for life. Contact us for more information.

Diagnodent Dental Laser gold coast