Crowns and Dental Bridges Gold Coast QLD

Replace Your Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges Gold Coast – Have you severely damaged or lost a tooth and want to recapture the function and beauty of your smile?

Crowns and bridges may be utilised in conjunction with one another to help you regain the aesthetic and functional nature of your smile. Dr Parrag has a special interest in the art of crowns and bridges and is dedicated to helping you attain a beautiful, natural smile.

How Does a Crown Work?

A dental crown acts as a cap or shell that is permanently attached to a tooth or implant. It is constructed to function like a natural tooth, and shouldn’t be easily distinguishable from your other teeth. It is a permanent, durable solution for missing or damaged teeth as they can be attached to implants in the case of a missing tooth or placed over a weakened tooth to preserve it.

The Benefits of Crowns

Full gold and porcelain crowns allow you to:

  • Restore the structure and function of your tooth
  • Enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Add strength and stability to the affected tooth

Porcelain crowns may be created to match the colour, translucency and texture of your existing teeth. These restorations are formulated specifically for aesthetics and are fastened definitively onto the tooth’s natural surface.

How Do Bridges Work?

A dental bridge is a porcelain prosthetic made from two dental crowns fused to one or more false teeth. Bridges are supported by healthy teeth either side of the prosthetic. It acts in a similar fashion to a crown, strengthening the arches and helping with chewing, speaking and the overall dental health.

The Benefits of Bridges

A bridge is essentially a fake tooth which is utilised to:

  • Replace a tooth has been lost from the dental arch
  • Increase stability and provide extra support
  • Improve speech
  • Correct bite
  • Can prevent periodontal disease

The Process

Once you’ve made the decision to treat your missing or damaged teeth with crowns or bridges you will need to come in for two appointments at the Advanced Dental Care Clinic. The first appointment will assess your overall oral health and we will then make impressions and prepare your other teeth for the incoming crown or bridge. The impression will then be used to create your fixture.

In your second appointment, Dr Parrag will fit your crown or bridge. While these prosthetics are fairly permanent solutions they will still require regular maintenance and excellent oral hygiene to ensure they are properly cared for.

Crowns and Dental Bridges Gold Coast

For further information about dental bridges Gold Coast or to find out more about these procedures or to make a consultation contact us today to find out how Crowns and Bridges can help you.

Dental Bridges Gold Coast Dental Bridges Gold Coast
Dental Bridges Gold Coast Dental Bridges Gold Coast