Avoid drills, needles and dental pain

Are you avoiding visiting the dentist because of the drill, needles and other sometimes painful elements of dentistry?

If you answered yes then you can relax, Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford, on the Gold Coast, uses innovative laser technology that has revolutionised our dental treatments.

Our dental professionals offer a number of laser-assisted dental treatments to provide a virtually pain-free treatment with efficient care and effective results.

The Diagnodent Dental Laser

This laser enables our dental professionals to provide an extremely accurate analysis and diagnosis of tooth decay. In addition to this analysis, the Diagnodent Dental Laser is also very gentle and virtually unnoticeable when making contact with your tooth.

Using this laser light our dental professionals can prevent:

  • The future need for Root Canal Therapy
  • The continued development of dental decay could lead to tooth loss
  • The possible need for Porcelain Crowns or Veneers later on down the track
  • Cracks appearing in decaying teeth

The Waterlase Dental Laser

This is a remarkable dental laser as it does not require direct contact to the teeth, or even in some circumstances with the gums, in order to provide effective results. The Waterlase Dental Laser is renowned for not creating heat or vibration, in addition to being very gentle.

Our dental professionals utilise water energy in order to achieve effective results with the Waterlase Dental Laser. The water-energy is used to prepare teeth and perform a number of soft tissue procedures. These procedures are able to be performed with very little or no bleeding with the use of the dental laser.

The treatments that our dental professionals can perform with the Waterlase Dental Laser include:

  • Removal of tooth decay and cavity preparation
  • Desensitisation of the tooth and Root Canal Therapy
  • Correction and enhancement of the smile’s appearance
  • Smile design
  • A variety of general dentistry treatments
  • Soft tissue treatments

LaserSmile Teeth Whitening            

The Laser Teeth Whitening treatment at Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast is fast, safe and effective. From our Oxenford practice location we use dental lasers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our Teeth Whitening systems.

Our dental professionals believe that the LaserSmile Teeth Whitening is one of the most effective in-office Teeth Whitening treatments available on the dental market. The LaserSmile Teeth Whitening treatment uses the combination of an effective activation gel and the powerful ability of our dental laser to reverse and remove discolouration.

In our experience, the LaserSmile Teeth Whitening treatment enables vibrant results in addition to a quick and simple treatment system. In just 60 minutes the LaserSmile treatment can help you achieve amazing results in your smile. This treatment is also beneficial as it:

  • Avoids excess heat and sensitivity that can be common in Teeth Whitening treatments
  • Increases time efficiency and comfort
  • Produces effective results

Efficient and effective results with Dental Lasers

Dental Lasers have changed the way our dental professionals perform a number of different treatments. If you are anxious about dental drills, needles or discomfort whilst in the dental chair, then Dental Laser-assisted treatment could be an ideal option for you. At our Oxenford practice on the Gold Coast, we work with our patients to identify a treatment plan that suits their dental needs and their lifestyle.

To find out more about our Dental Lasers, or to book a consultation with us at Advanced Dental Care Clinic located in Oxenford on the Gold Coast, please contact us today.