Experience revolutionary dental care with laser dental treatment

At Advanced Dental Care on the Gold Coast, we bring you innovative dental solutions so you spend less time in the chair…

If you have been avoiding the dentist because of scary dental drills, needles and conventional treatments that cause pain? Now there is no need to fear the dentist, with advancements in technology we are able to provide you with fast, effective treatments with minimal pain.

Our laser dentistry treatments…

At Advanced Dental Care on the Gold Coast, our primary focus is to bring our patients an unsurpassed quality of care and treatment, and as such provide you with several options for laser dental treatment!

  • Waterlase Dental Laser – used primarily for decay removal, cavity preparation, root canal therapy, desensitisation, smile design and correction, general dentistry and soft tissue procedures
  • Diagnodent Dental Laser – used for repairing cracks in decayed teeth, preventing any future root canal therapies or porcelain crowns or veneers.
  • Laser Whitening – used for teeth whitening and provides instant gratification faster and more gentle than any other whitening decay treatment

Don’t let your dental fear rule you any longer…

At Advanced Dental Care we endeavour to provide the best and most comfortable dental practice on the Gold Coast and aim to bring every patient a tranquil and satisfying experience. Don’t let your dental fear keep you from obtaining the dental care you need with the help of laser dentistry available at our Gold Coast dental practice.

For more information on laser dentistry or to book an appointment at our dental practice located on the Gold Coast, please contact us.