Get Your Teeth Safely Whitened At Advanced Dental Care Clinic

There are multiple teeth whitening kits available over the counter but are they safe to use?

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast, we use only teeth-friendly whitening products to ensure your teeth are whitened safely. While some over the counter teeth whitening products may work, they may not be safe for our teeth, which is why it’s best to see a dentist when considering lightening your smile.

You might not know what you’re purchasing over the counter…

Often teeth whitening kits sold over the counter are not ACCC (Australian Consumer and Consummation Commission) approved and can put your teeth at risk. Remember you are essentially bleaching your teeth this is why it’s best to leave it to a dentist who can guarantee safe products. Often tooth sensitivity and inflamed gums can result from these products and can lead to further dental health problems.  At Advanced Dental Care Clinic we only use products that are safe and gentle on your enamel.

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic we offer two teeth whitening treatments…

We understand that sometimes you don’t have the time to come in for an in-chair teeth whitening treatment which is why we also offer to take-home tooth whitening. Both of our treatments have proven to be successful in lightening most patients’ teeth by three or more shades.

Our do it yourself take-home tooth whitening treatment…

Our Australian owned and produced Pola teeth whitening products give you the flexibility and convenience of whitening your teeth at home. This product is designed to combat your stained and discoloured teeth, the range of Pola tooth whitening products vary in strength. After a full mouth assessment we can determine the shade of your teeth and the shade we would like to work towards, after this consultation you will be prescribed the appropriate product depending on what you need to effectively whiten your teeth.

How does it work? Our take-home tooth whitening treatment involves a custom made tray similar to a mouthguard along with a gel that can be used day or night. To give you more flexibility and convenience while giving you the ability to control your treatment at your own pace, our take-home kit may be the treatment best suited for you.

Our in-chair laser tooth whitening treatment…

If you would rather get the whole treatment over and done within a quick time, our laser tooth whitening treatment may be the solution. Using the LaserSmile laser along with our range of techniques and products, after just one appointment your teeth with be visibly lighter and brighter. This treatment is safe, effective and we can have you in and out over your lunch break. This innovative laser technology is designed to ensure your comfort and shouldn’t leave your teeth sensitive after the treatment like some other tooth whitening products often do.

Get serious about whitening your teeth…

If you are going to commit to a teeth whitening treatment we encourage you to try and limit the amount of stain producing foods. Below is a list of some of the bigger stain producing food and drinks:

  • Coffee and Tea
  • Surgery soft drinks or other sugary beverages
  • Raspberries and blueberries
  • Wine, red and white
  • Cigarettes

Here at Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast, we want to ensure we are providing safe products, innovative technology and efficient services.  When it comes to your teeth it’s best not to risk it with over the counter products. Your teeth are an integral part of your health so to ensure you keep them strong and healthy we recommend seeing a dentist if you are considering whitening them. We will assess your mouth and discuss your lifestyle before recommending either of our treatments. Here at Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we can provide you with either our at-home kit or our quick and easy laser treatment.

For more information on our teeth whitening treatments please don’t hesitate to call 07 5580 3555 or contact us online.