Here’s how a therapy dog can help you relax at the dentist

Whilst us dentists are feared by some people, we are really nice, I promise. At Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford we understand that some people just don’t like coming to the dentist. With the introduction of laser dentistry making dental procedures less invasive we have been able to offer less drilling and needles! But what has really helped alleviate people’s anxiety are our therapy dogs Marco and Cookie. You would be surprised by how a therapy dog can help you.

Therapy dogs and the dentist

Cute as a button and emphatic to the core, Marco and Cookie are our resident therapy dogs. But how can a therapy dog help you relax at the dentist?

  • A therapy dog helps our dentist to help you. By calming a patient, we are able to offer the best dental care possible.
  • Kids especially, and some adults, struggle to stay still at the dentist, whether it’s nerves or anxiety getting a child in particular to sit in one spot for treatment has always been a struggle, you want them to have a positive experience whilst also being mindful that they need to be still for their treatment; enter Marco and Cookie.
  • Therapy dogs have made life so much more pleasant for patients; with Marco or Cookie sat on a patient’s lap we have found that our patients are calmer, happier and less nervous.
  • Even if a therapy dog is just a welcome distraction from the task at hand, it can’t be overlooked that stroking a dog can lower a person’s blood pressure. Many studies have concluded that dogs’ calm people.
  • Did you know that dogs can increase the production of oxytocin in the body, a hormone that aids and assists with healing and feeling happier?

Not a dog fan? Don’t worry, Marco and Cookie have a chill-out zone where they can hang out in whilst you receive your treatment.

Cuddles come as standard

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford on the Gold Coast we make every effort to put our patients at ease and provide the best possible treatment; but sometimes we need a little help from our furry friends. Even if you love the dentist, you can still have a pat of Marco and Cookie. Who doesn’t love a good cuddle?