Why Laser Dentistry is Helping those with Dental Phobia

Thanks to laser dentistry, a visit to the dentist is no longer a daunting prospect

Don’t put off getting the treatment you need, at Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast we offer laser dentistry to help give you the treatment you need without the drill. It is often the case that dental phobia is caused (to put it crudely) by someone sticking a lot of metal in your mouth, you then have to lie there listening to all sorts of sounds emanating from your mouth while that laser uncomfortable feeling (with or without anaesthesia) of something being done to your teeth goes through your spine.

Advanced Dental Care Clinic we have the solution! Laser dentistry—it does away with the drill and its associated sounds. Laser dentistry also does away with the uncomfortable feelings produced by the drill, not to mention the fact that laser dentistry produces better results.

Laser technology at Advanced Dental Care Clinic…

At our practice in Oxenford on the Gold Coast, we use the latest in innovative laser dentistry that is revolutionising dentistry. We offer our patients a variety of laser procedures to accommodate a wide variety of virtually painless treatments.

Waterlase Dental Laser…

The Waterlase Dental Laser requires no direct contact with the teeth (or, at times, your gums). One of the many benefits of the Waterlase Dental Laser is that it is gentle and creates no heat or vibration.

The way in which this particular treatment method works is that it uses water energy to prepare your laser teeth and then is able to gently perform a number of soft tissue treatments with next to no bleeding. Some of the treatments the Waterlase Dental Laser can be used for are:

  • Root canals
  • General dentistry/soft tissue procedures
  • Decay removal
  • Cavity preparation (for things such as fillings etc.)

Diagnodent Dental Laser…

The Diagnodent Dental Laser enables a highly accurate diagnosis of decay. This modern innovative laser is able to detect decay without the patient feeling anything touching the affected tooth. Through the use of laser light the Diagnodent Dental Laser enables the earliest detection of decay. This innovative dental laser allows for a number of problems to be avoided such as:

  • Prevention of root canal
  • Prevention of veneers or crowns
  • Cracks appearing in decayed teeth

Laser Whitening…

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast, we use LaserSmile tooth whitening. LaserSmile tooth whitening is Build fast, safe and effective. One of the most effective and advanced in-office tooth whitening systems available today, LaserSmile combines the laser’s unique characteristics with an activation gel to reverse discolouration of enamel.

This treatment only takes an hour to perform and you will be able to leave our practice with the whitest smile you’ve ever had! There are many benefits to LaserSmile, some are:

  • Faster and more gentle
  • There’s no lengthy at-home treatment method
  • Avoids excess heat  and sensitivity

At Advanced Dental Care Clinic we understand that the thought of visiting the dentist may be a daunting one. But with the innovation of laser dentistry drills are fast becoming a thing of the past. Laser dentistry is allowing patients to visit the dentist comfortable in the knowledge that they won’t have to sit through unpleasant sensations and sounds.

At our Oxenford dental practice, our dentists will work closely with you to help give you the best treatment possible. Our team of dedicated, well-trained and friendly staff aim to give you the highest-quality treatment using state-of-the-art technology decay in a comfortable environment.

For more information on our laser dentistry, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Oxenford on the Gold Coast, please do not hesitate to contact us.