When You Are In Pain, An Emergency Dentist Is Your Best Friend

There are not many things worse than the pain inflicted by an aching tooth. Something about the pain being in your mouth seems to intensify the discomfort, not to mention making it very difficult to eat or drink anything. When you have a bad toothache, life really is a misery.

Anyone who has watched the Tom Hanks film “Castaway” and has had a bad toothache, would really have been able to sympathise with Hanks’ character when he was stranded on a deserted island with a bad tooth. In the end he had to extract the tooth himself with crude methods. Fortunately, here on the Gold Coast we all have access to professional dental care and don’t need to pull out our own teeth.

A bad toothache is not something that can be put off, though. Not only is it very painful, but the longer the tooth is left untreated, the more damage that can occur. A tooth that could be saved if treated early, may need to be extracted if too much time has elapsed.

Having an emergency dentist you can visit in times of great toothache is like having a best friend to call on in times of trouble. You need the peace of mind, knowing that if you are in a good deal of pain, your dentist can fit you in immediately and tend to the problem.

Not all dentists are willing to do that. For many it’s a case of first in, first served. Of course, this is of little comfort to you when your mouth is in agony.

But there are dentists who really care about their patients and their well being, and one of those dental practices on the Gold Coast is Advanced Dental Care Clinic located in Oxenford.

We believe you deserve the very best in dental care. That’s why we proudly offer an emergency dentist service for those in immediate pain or who have suffered an injury at work or while playing sport.

Here are a few occasions when you might require an emergency dentist:

  • Toothache
  • Jaw pain
  • Chips, fractures and cracks
  • A knocked out toot
  • Abscess and gum swelling
  • Soft tissue trauma
  • Broken dentures or braces
  • Infected or impacted wisdom teeth

If you suffer any of the above afflictions, then don’t delay. Get in touch with Advanced Dental Care Clinic immediately and book in for an emergency visit.

With us, you are in very capable and sympathetic hands.