Proper Dental Care Can Be Affordable

Some people shy away from regular visits to the dentist because of the cost; maybe only visiting a clinic in the case of an emergency due to severe toothache or a broken tooth. While the sound of the drill and the discomfort of a dentist poking around inside our mouths is scary enough, being presented with the bill at the end of the procedure is often what scares people the most. Dental cover is something all Australians need and none of us should be denied proper dental care because of financial constraints.

Let’s look at some ways that can help make a visit to the dentist and that dreaded bill a little more palatable.

Put Money Away Just for the Dentist

Don’t wait for an emergency, suddenly finding yourself requiring an urgent trip to the dentist but having no money to pay for treatment. Put a little bit of money away each week specifically for dentist visits and don’t use it for anything else. This will give you some peace of mind and relieve the financial burden somewhat.

Join a Health Fund

You have to do your homework on these funds and make sure you fully understand exactly what’s included in your plan when it comes to treatment at a dentist. With some funds, dental care will come under “extras”. Other funds out there specifically cater to dental treatments, and these are the ones that may be worth even closer scrutiny.

The biggest issue when it comes to health funds and visits to the dentist is the gap you’ll pay. This is the amount on the bill left over after subtracting what your health fund contributes. You have to weigh up these differences against the amount of the premium you pay per month for your health fund.

Gem Visa Is a Better Idea

Gem Visa is a Visa card, but the real selling point with this Visa card is the 6 months interest-free period for purchases over $250. What this means is, if you visit your dentist and the final bill comes to $300, you effectively get 6 months – with no interest – to pay off your dentist bill when you pay with Gem Visa. The dentist bill is paid in full when you use your Gem Visa card, and you then pay back what you can afford to Gem with 6 months in which to do so before any interest kicks in.

At Advanced Dental Clinic in Oxenford on the Gold Coast, we are happy to receive Gem Visa for your bill payments. It helps take some of the financial burden off patients with an easy 6-month interest-free period, so they can get proper dental care. Come and visit us for: