Reshaping – it can make such a difference

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your teeth? Do your teeth have ridges or bumps or have they been chipped or cracked? Are some of your teeth not aligned properly which is affecting your bite?

If so, there is a quick, easy and painless solution to these problems available to patients at Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast! Dr Ruth Parrag, the premier dentist at Advanced Dental Care Clinic is able to perform a procedure called dental reshaping.

Reshaping is a relatively simple procedure that brings amazing results! It can correct small imperfections, straighten and even out jagged teeth, creating a more aligned and attractive smile.

Reshaping can also be helpful for patients who suffer from an imbalanced bite which can cause teeth to loosen, tooth aches, jaw aches and headaches.

Dr Parrag uses a specialised dental laser to remove very thin layers of enamel from the affected teeth, effectively reshaping the natural tooth to the shape it should be.

Often it only requires one visit to Dr Parrag at the Advanced Dental Care Clinic to perform the reshaping to trim just mere millimetres of any misshapen areas, shorten excessively long teeth or even out teeth for proper bite and alignment.

These quick and subtle changes to a patient’s teeth can have an enormous impact on their self-confidence.  In some cases, a simple reshaping procedure may circumvent the need to see an Orthodontist!

If you would like to have your noticeably uneven teeth fixed so you can feel great again and smile confidently, call Advanced Dental Care Clinic today! You will never have to cover up your smile again!