Resolve your gummy smile with laser dentistry

 Do you feel like your smile shows off a little too much gum?

Here at Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford North Gold Coast, we provide Smile Lift treatments to reduce gum visibility. Smile Lifts can reduce excess gum and make your teeth appear longer and more proportionate.

What are the proportions of your teeth and gums?

How much of your teeth are visible when you smile? Some patients feel that their teeth look short and this is generally due to overgrown gum tissue.

Will exposed gums affect oral health?

Exposed healthy gums will not be problematic to your oral or overall health. However, if the exposed gums are caused by infection or swelling, you may already be suffering from a detrimental health condition. In cases such as these, it is important that you organise a general dental check-up with our team so we can assess the condition of your smile appropriately.

Why would patients want a smile lift with laser dentistry?

Patients choose to sculpt their gums if they feel uncomfortable about sharing their smiles. Decreasing the excess gum tissue may help patients with their aesthetic concerns.

Why is it important to smile?

Smiles have a great number of benefits that range from health and wellbeing all the way to career and relationship benefits.

The health benefits of smiling

• Lower your heart rate

Studies have revealed that smiling helps to relax the heart and body. It can also help to temporarily reduce blood pressure.

• Reduce stress levels

Smiling releases endorphins that help to diminish stress hormones. Endorphins help to lift your mood as well and even act as a natural pain killer.

• Help you look young

Studies have revealed that the natural lift a smile gives the face can make the wearer look, on average, 3 years younger.

How smiling benefits your overall wellbeing

• Live longer

According to a study, people who smile more often are known to live around 7 years longer than most other people. This is believed to be in correlation with lower stress levels, reduced blood pressure and an overall happier lifestyle.

Smile your way through your career

Going for a job interview? According to a smile study released by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), almost 1 in 2 of the participants believed that a smile was the most memorable feature when meeting someone.

A smile is known to express confidence and trust to employers. Those who smile are more likely to earn more, are more readily approached with ideas and are more likely to be rewarded for their work.

Fall in love with a smile

In the same survey discussed above, around 45% of the participants agreed that a smile is the most attractive feature, no matter the age of the wearer. Over half of the participants believed that a smile can withstand the test of time. Genuine smiling has been known to make people look more attractive and approachable to a love interest.

Want to smile more?

Resolve your gummy smile with laser dentistry. To find out more about the Smile Lift treatment from Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford, book a consultation with our team today.