Wisdom teeth…are they a problem?

Humans evolved so we walk on two legs we have less hair, but in all our wisdom we haven’t evolved beyond wisdom teeth. Our mouths can comfortably fit 28 teeth, but with the addition of wisdom teeth there are 32, making it a bit of a squeeze. So, what happens? Your wisdom teeth are quite tenacious and will find the path of least resistant to break through to the surface or they will not move at all. Read on to find out how wisdom teeth are a problem.

Many years ago, our ancestors needed these teeth, but in nowadays they are more likely to cause problems and need to be removed.

As the last teeth to break through to the surface, they are by no means least, as they are happy to break through the gum in any way possible.

What are wisdom teeth?

They are the last teeth to come through at the very back of your mouth, behind the molars. They will usually break through in your teens to adulthood.

In some cases, wisdom teeth can come through perfectly straight and form part of a healthy mouth.

In many case wisdom teeth try and push through to the surface and can only make it through partially with can lead to pain and discomfort.

What issues can a partially impacted wisdom tooth cause?

  • The teeth next to your wisdom teeth could be pushed forward to make space, this can cause a domino effect and before you know it your teeth could have moved significantly.
  • The partially erupted tooth can cause infection and inflammation around the jaw line.
  • Due to your teeth pushing together there might be a build up of decay where you can’t floss between teeth.
  • Sometimes the pressure against the next tooth can resorb it and cause damage to a perfectly healthy tooth.

So, are wisdom teeth a problem?

In some cases, wisdom teeth don’t pose any issues, but in many cases, they can cause pain and discomfort. Visit us at Advance Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford, on the Gold Coast and book in a dental appointment to see if your wisdom teeth will cause you any issues. Call 07 5580 3555 today!