Children’s dentistry

A trip to the dentist can cause a level of anxiety in adults if they have not had a good experience at the dentist in the past. For children, this level of anxiety can be heightened so Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast encourage that children from a very young age have regular dentist check-ups to remove the fear of dental visits.

When patients come to visit Advanced Dental Care Clinic who are children, we make every effort for them to feel relaxed and comfortable.  Our highly skilled team will ensure your children’s dentist visits are a pleasant experience if not fun and we encourage your child to bring along something to help reduce their anxiety like a favourite book or toy.

Advanced Dental Care Clinic can take care of all your children’s dentistry needs.  We can help to instil in your child good oral hygiene habits in brushing and flossing their teeth. We believe children should see the dentist from the eruption of their first tooth, so they get used to seeing the dentist regularly and start adopting a good oral hygiene regime.

If the need for your children to see the dentist is not for a preventative clean and polish but for a more serious issue, our services also include:



Root canal treatment


Orthodontist services

Should your children need a treatment that requires anaesthesia, our fully trained and qualified dentist at Advanced Dental Care Clinic will discuss the important details with you before any procedure is undertaken.

Advanced Dental Care Clinic strive for your children’s visit to our dentist clinic to be a smooth and enjoyable one, for both you and your children. If your child is displaying some anxiety about a dental visit, we recommend you talk to them about how important their teeth are and how the dentist can help them keep their teeth in tip top condition, ready for the Tooth Fairy when the time comes!

Call Advanced Dental Care Clinic at Oxenford on the Gold Coast and speak with one of our friendly staff to book in your children’s dental appointments. It’s best to start early prevention as soon as possible.