Health of mother and children during pregnancy

Often when a woman becomes pregnant the focus is on what foods not to eat or what not to drink. These issues are important to pregnant women so as not to cause harm to the baby or herself.

A topic Advanced Dental Care Clinic at Oxenford, Gold Coast also advocates for pregnant women is the good dental health of mother and ultimately the baby during pregnancy. Hormone levels during pregnancy can affect various parts of the expectant mother’s body, including the teeth and gums.

Here, Advanced Dental Care Clinic share some tips for expectant mothers to maintain good oral health, before, during and after pregnancy:

  • Brush teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss teeth after each brush
  • Drink at least 1.5 to 2 Litres of water each day
  • Visit the dentist every 6 months for clean and check-up
  • Tell the dentist if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant so they are fully aware before any dental procedures are done
  • Tell the dentist if you are experiencing persistent vomiting during pregnancy which can damage tooth enamel
  • See the dentist if you experience any changes to your teeth, gums or mouth tissue whilst pregnant


Pregnancy can also bring on cravings for sugary or salty foods and drinks.  Excessive sugary or acidic foods and drinks can lead to tooth decay. Where possible choose low sugar options and rinse or clean teeth more often.

Calcium is vital for healthy teeth and bones and adopting a diet of dairy rich foods will also help to prevent tooth decay.

Visiting the dentist at Advanced Dental Care Clinic regularly will ensure the mothers overall dental health.  Plaque build-up and gingivitis – red swollen, tender and bleeding gums, can cause bacteria to enter the mothers blood stream through the gums, triggering chemicals which are suspected to cause premature labour.

So, caring for your teeth is never more important than when you are expecting. The good oral hygiene practices you adopt before, during and after pregnancy will help to keep you and your baby in good health.

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