How to floss properly

Flossing is an integral part of your dental hygiene routine, so its surprising that so many people neglect to do it. If you aren’t flossing your teeth you are missing just under 50% of your tooth surfaces. Read on to find out how to floss properly.

Why is flossing so important?

Flossing, combined with toothbrushing helps remove plaque from your teeth, which is very important. Leaving plaque behind can lead to gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay.

How do I floss?

Whilst most people know the basic premise of flossing, not everyone is clear on the exact details. Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast have complied a step-by-step guide to ensure you are making the most of your flossing time.

Step 1 – Since you will be placing your fingers in your mouth, ensure your hands are thoroughly cleaned.

Step 2 – Wind approximately 40cm – 45cm of floss around your middle fingers, securing it with your index finger and thumb.

Step 3 – Start by placing the floss between the teeth, maintaining a side-to-side motion that is even to ensure both sides of the tooth are fully cleaned. Slide the floss under the gums to clean the tooth surfaces. Be gentle so not to damage the gums.

When you visit Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast, we are more than happy to guide you through the best oral hygiene practices and how to floss properly keeping your teeth strong and healthy.