Make your children’s dental experiences more comfortable with Laser treatment

It’s a common myth that all children are scared of the dentist, but in our experience at Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we have a lot of children that happily come and sit in the chair for their treatment, however there are a few children that find the experience a little upsetting. Make your children’s dental experiences more comfortable with laser treatment.

The team at Advanced Dental Care Clinic in Oxenford on the Gold Coast have worked hard to ensure all children are at ease from the moment they walk in the door until they leave. With Marco and Cookie our therapy dogs on hand to calm our patients and the introduction of laser dentistry to our practice, children are starting to feel a lot more comfortable in the dental chair.

Fear of the dentist can come from a number of things, whether its fear passed down from a parent or sibling, the sound of the drill, the fear of needles, or just the fear of the unknown, it can be hard to treat a distraught child.

Laser dentistry and children

Laser dentistry can make your child’s dental experience more comfortable for a few reasons, including:

  • In many cases there is no need for anaesthetic, so kids won’t need a needle.
  • Laser dentistry rarely requires the use of a drill; so, the noise and vibrations of the drill are no longer a major factor in the dental experience.
  • Laser dentistry is much more accurate and precise, so less of the affected area is disturbed or taken away, thus the recovery time is much quicker.
  • The use of light and water instead of scalpels and drills means that there is little swelling and bleeding.
  • Lasers are non-invasive, quieter and other than a little water, you feel very little else.

Why wouldn’t kids love the dentist?

Why not come into Advanced Dental Care Clinic and meet Cookie and Marco our therapy dogs, and get access to cutting edge laser dental technology and make your children’s dental experiences more enjoyable by patting our little furry friends?