The Relationship Between Healthy Diet and Healthy Teeth.

You are what you eat, and this is very true when it comes to your teeth. Your diet has a large impact on your smile. Learn the relationship between healthy diet and healthy teeth.

The food and drinks you choose, and how you consume them can affect your overall health. Tooth decay is one of the most common side effects of a bad diet, it is the result of sugar and mouth bacteria combining.

Did you know that tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases? It is however easily prevented.

Here are a few ways to keep the cavities at bay

  • Sugar – Stay away from foods that are high in sugar. Whilst we all like the occasional treat, it is best to minimise foods that are high in sugar. Sugar mixed with mouth bacteria can lead to tooth decay. Whilst there are obvious foods such as, chocolate, ice cream and cookies, you need to be mindful of food items that you might never have thought contain high contents of sugar, such as particular tinned fruits and pasta sauces. If in doubt, check the food labels for the sugar content and be cautious of having too much sugar in your diet.
  • Sticky foods – Foods that are likely to cling to your teeth and cause cavities are chewy lollies, honey and starchy food such as chips and bread. If you do like to indulge in these foods, try and have a toothbrush handy so you can stop these sticky foods clinging to your teeth and causing damage.
  • Acidic foods – Foods with a high acidic content will eat away at your tooth’s enamel, which is your tooth’s protection. Whilst fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet, citrus fruits can be very acidic, so make sure you drink plenty of water.
  • Drinks – Tea, coffee, and red wine are popular beverage choices; however, they are also well-known for staining your teeth and dehydrating the body. Drink in moderation and wash down each beverage with water to stop the colour pigments attaching to the tooth enamel.
  • Balanced diet – A balanced and nutritious diet is recommended by every health professional, including your dentist. A diet rich in lean protein, beans, dairy, vegetables and fish will not only keep you at a healthy weight, it will also provide you with essential nutrients needed for oral health.

 Healthy body, healthy smile ?

Your diet is an important part of a healthy smile, but you must ensure that you brush and floss your teeth twice daily and have regular dental check-ups.

Looking after your teeth will give you something to smile about.

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