Root canal treatment. The facts vs fiction.

Advanced Dental Care Clinic offer root canal treatments for our patients at our Oxenford, Gold Coast clinic. Our dental clinic’s premier dentist Dr Ruth Parrag is able to treat patients with care and provide a gentle approach to dentistry whilst maintaining the highest quality practices.

Root canal treatment is a specialised dentist treatment that Advanced Dental Care Clinic perform when an injury or a large cavity damages the tooth’s root, causing the root to become infected or inflamed.

There are often some popular opinions about root canals and here, Advanced Dental Care Clinic provide some myth busting information on the fact vs fiction of root canal treatments.

Root canal treatment kills your teeth – Fiction

Quite the opposite, root canal treatment saves your tooth.  Your tooth can still function without the root pulp once the infection has been removed by a dentist.

Root canal treatment is painful – Fiction

Undergoing a root canal treatment at the dentist is not a painful experience.  Rather, the pain one feels whilst the root of the tooth is infected or inflamed is the worst of the pain you will feel. A dentist will provide anaesthesia to numb your tooth and root before the root canal is performed, effectively making the tooth pain free.

Once the procedure is fully completed, you should have a fully functional and pain free tooth.

It is better to extract an infected or injured tooth than do a root canal – Fiction

Long gone are the days when the preferred option was to remove an infected or injured tooth.  Modern advances in dentistry see dentists being able to save teeth by performing a painless root canal treatment rather than extracting it.

Teeth need their opposing tooth for biting, chewing and maintaining the shape of the mouth. Removing teeth can cause other teeth to “migrate” or move into the gaps that have been formed with the removal of the tooth.

In most cases, a crown will be needed to restore the structure of the tooth after the root canal but even so, with usual good oral hygiene habits these treated teeth can still last a lifetime.

A root canal needs more than one visit – Fiction

Usually a root canal treatment is done over one visits at the dentist clinic. The procedure is performed under anaesthesia to relieve the pain of the infected root. The infected or injured roots of the tooth are cleaned by the dentist using specialised drills and files.  The canals of the tooth are thoroughly cleaned, the root canals shaped, and bacteria, pus and debris are removed. The interior of the tooth is flushed with disinfectants and then dried, sealed and filled. The internal core is built up to strengthen the tooth and the preparation and impression for a crown is taken. Then a temporary crown is fabricated to keep the tooth stable in position and covered until the permanent crown is completed by the laboratory and then cemented or bonded approximately 3 weeks later.

Your teeth can become sensitive after a root canal – Fact

Well, partly true.  Dentists report that some patients can experience some sensitivity after the root canal procedure but for the most part there is no long lasting sensitivity or discomfort. This is a normal part of the healing process.

If the root canal doesn’t work your tooth will need to be extracted – Fiction

The majority of root canal treatments are extremely successful allowing the patient to no longer feel the pain of an infected root and receive the benefit of a fully restored and functioning tooth. In rare cases where the root canal treatment hasn’t been as successful, then the tooth may require retreatment or other forms of endodontic treatment.

The very last resort would be to extract the tooth. 

Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast have been performing successful root canal treatments for our patients for many years. Our caring dentistry team offer a broad range of dental treatments along with root canal treatment, all within a gentle and relaxing environment.

If you are suffering with an infected or injured tooth, don’t delay.  Call Advanced Dental Care Clinic today!