Why is a laser dentist preferred?

Laser dentistry is fast becoming the preferred way to deliver a range dental care services as it is a virtually painless treatment that is highly efficient and provides amazing results.

If you are like most of us who feel some level of anxiety when going to the dentist, laser dentistry offers a gentle treatment option for general dental treatments. Laser dentistry is highly innovative in that the combination of energy, water and air the laser delivers is a virtually painless dental care procedure to teeth, mouths and gums.

No more dreaded drills!

Advanced Dental Care Clinic on the Gold Coast offer the latest technology and equipment in laser dentistry services as we genuinely care about each and every patient that comes to see us.  We are committed to providing an advanced level of dental treatments and services whilst focusing on our patient’s comfort.

That’s why we choose laser dentistry.  The laser itself requires no direct contact with your teeth which means it is extremely gentle, minimising pain. When the laser is positioned on the tooth, it excites the water molecules that partially make up teeth, to cut through decay, getting right through to the tooth.

This significantly reduces the need for anaesthetic or drills and any dental patient would prefer that to enduring numbing gel, perhaps a needle or two and a whole bunch of drills stuck in their mouth!

Laser dentistry is not only Advanced Dental Care Clinic’s preferred method to remove decay and prepare teeth for removal of cavities but also for root canals and desensitisation, smile design and correction, gum lifts, elimination of cold sores and apthous ulcers.

Reducing the risk of removing excess healthy enamel or creating cracks or damage in the surrounding teeth, the precise nature of laser dentistry means that anaesthetic is rarely required, making the whole process more efficient.

If you would like to experience virtually pain free dental care, call the friendly and professional team at Advanced Dental Care Clinic Gold Coast to make an appointment. We offer a complete range of dental care services in a relaxed and gentle environment.